From nostalgic to spiritual to plain cute, the songs on Chirag Bindal’s pop-rock debut album beautifully capture the life journey that most people go through and can relate with.

Childhood nostalgia, teenage shenanigans, heartbreaks, hopelessly romantic, spiritual… just some of the elements of Tomorrow will be Yesterday, a musical debut of Chirag Bindal, who lives in Seattle and originally hails from New Delhi, India. The songs on the album were written over a span of twenty years and can take you on a magical journey of your own life.

That Chirag’s music is influenced by the sixties and seventies era, is not hard to decipher upon listening to this album.  While the songs nicely weave together under a life journey theme, the styles of the songs vary from rock ‘n’ roll, ethnic, acoustic, jazz to pop, funk and mildly psychedelic.

Genre: Pop / Rock, Rock & Roll

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