Praise for Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday


“The album makes for some easy listening. The lyrics make for a boyhood memoir of longings left behind by the adult. A young view of several emotions. The guitar and synth work well together to create some catchy melodies. The vocals are carefree and honest. A grow on you album.” — Kush Ahuja, Dubai, Nov 2014


“A fresh voice – ‘We are in Love’ with this album” – Gunjan Garg, California, Nov 2014


“…a sense of collision and cohesion as reflected in some of the deeper songs like Ode to God and Corporate Zoo. Your target audience can be the teenagers (the music has a catchiness), and then those adults who grew up with the musicality of the 80s. While the lyrics are poetic in their own way, the composition of the music is extremely apt for each song, and is entertaining.” — Nidhi Thakur Bindal, New Jersey, Nov 2014