Ode to God

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“Science, spirituality and religion need not be at odds. Things are what they are. Live and let live. This song is my interpretation of God.”

God made ozone, man made the hole
God just made a heart, man made up a soul
God made rock, man rock and roll
God made life, and man made birth control

God made grapes, man made wine
God made the world, man made a shrine
God ain’t human but man is divine
God made time, and man made international date line

Filled them up with verses
All our religious books
Scientific blessings and curses
Life saving drugs and nukes

Rhythmically chanting away
For some peace of mind
My God becomes better than your God
And in war ourselves we find

God made rain, man made acid rain
Against God’s rivers, man just made a drain
God made the sky, man made a plane
To know God’s mind, we use a three pound brain

God is eternal, man lives by the day
God didn’t make morals for man to disobey
God is always there, you don’t have to pray
God is the light, man needs to find his way

Predicted many doomsdays
In this earth we will blend
Perpetual never ending monetary chase
Will still never end

Economies and tsunamis
Oh what misery!
Your and my glorious future
Will soon be history

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