Nobody Knows

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“How can someone be more right about the purpose of life when all we have are proven theories that get disproven.  And who am I to say – may be someone really knows.”

So many billion years ago
Who saw the splendid show
I wasn’t here and you weren’t there
To see that cosmic glow

People on the sidewalk think they’s walking on the street
If you ask me I’m gonna tell you they’re hanging by their feet

You get in your car, every morning
The same road, the same load
On your mind, and you can’t seem to find
Solace in your abode

Still you keep going on and on
And why not, so does the earth
Mundane as it is, with some moments of bliss
That make you thank your birth

Now you may get spiritual
And question who you really are
You may medidate or climb up a mountain
Or chant Hey Ram in F-bar

Why did you come here
When will you know
What were you meant to be
Where will you go
Will the sun shine forever
And cast changing shadows
Nobody really knows
Nobody knows…
Nobody really knows

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